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22 November 2008 @ 08:03 pm
Any questions, problems, doubts, please leave a comment here.

Have fun! :)

ETA: This (now sticky, yay progress!) post is for questions about how stuff works, e. g. how to tag your post, how to deal with formatting woes, if it's okay to promote your community, etc.

This here entry is NOT the place to look for stories/art/vids/podfic/whatever. I'm not active in this fandom beyond running merlin_finders and can't help you find stuff.

We have a lot of generous members who can, though. After you've joined the community, you can create a post of your own to ask people to find whatever you're looking for (as long as it's Merlin-related).

Please read our rules on posting and tagging before you create any entries of your own. You can find those on our profile page. :)

Return of ETA: I'm going to leave unanswered and delete every comment that's looking for stuff starting July 1st, 2014. This is getting ridiculous. READ THE POST BEFORE YOU COMMENT.
26 November 2015 @ 11:58 am
Hi! I am looking for decent sized 5K+ Pregnancy recs of Gwen/Lance or Leon/Morgana (Preferably with Merthur or Perwaine as side pairings).

Any Era is fine as long as the fic centers around the pregancy, but if it's a Canon-ish era fic that would be great.
Hey! I have seen this premise in quite a few other fandoms and between quite a few OTHER pairings in this fandom, but I haven't yet come across a Merthur fic of this premise.

Anyways, so I'm looking for fic-recs where Merlin is pregnant and Arthur is NOT the father, but that still doesn't stop him from loving Merlin and the baby.

I did read one that fic where Arthur has to take a really pregnant Merlin to a doctor or something in another village, and the whole journey he was angsting because they were (Cue: Ross saying "we were on a break) when Merlin got into a relationship "to get back at Arthur" or something... I am NOT looking for such fics.

I would prefer if Merthur were never together before the pregnancy, or even if they were together and "on a break", Arthur still doesn't care if it's someone else's baby with Merlin. Basically, I'm looking for fics where Arthur is like Percival in Unexpectedly Expecting or, hell, Arthur himself in this Arthur/Leon-mpreg fic
I believe the story began with Arthur, Merlin, and the knights on a quest to help a village which has been repeatedly attacked by creatures. They're riding through a river I think, but Merlin doesn't have a horse, and he's attacked by a water creature. He's severely injured, and the knights try to take care of him. At one point they run out of water; Arthur and a few of the knights find a single body of water, where they are attacked by another water creature. Merlin ends up summoning his blue light in his feverish state to help Arthur.

Eventually they travel to one of the villages being attacked. There is a druid seer/healer there, but the villagers are lacking supplies, so the knights go out to find the herbs needed. While Merlin is healing, the knights then head out to face the creatures (which are wyverns). Merlin wakes up and follows them. During the fight, Merlin is forced to reveal his magic or dragonlord powers. I remember at one point Percival pushes a boulder off a cliff to seal the wyverns in a cave.

If anyone can find it, I will be forever grateful!
25 November 2015 @ 01:00 am
Hey Everybody! Very new to live journal so just let me know if I've made any mistakes with tagging/posting!

But I was looking for a couple of things. Firstly, I was looking for fics in general where Merlin is one of Sherlock Holmes' brothers and is in a relationship with Arthur. Secondly, I was also looking for a fic where Merlin is a Holmes brother and is dating Arthur. They go to visit Sherlock who deduces that Arthur is going to propose. This fic/any others that fit the description would be much appreciated! Thanks folks!
there's this fic on ao3 that was about merlin being a model and had a past abusive relationship with mordred who body shamed him and wanted him to be unhealthily skinny. and then arthur basically rescues him. it's a little slow-build. it's part of a series but i forgot what it was called! Dx please help me out!
24 November 2015 @ 07:19 pm
Hi all :)

I'm back cause I miss Merlin and I need someone to help me :)

I was watching a vid on youtube and saw the part where Arthur wakes up to find Merlin "spying" on Lady Catrina in the episode Beauty and the Beast (I think is the name).

Uhhh so are there any fics with Arthur jealous over thinking that Merlin is checking out Lady Catrina? Or anything on those lines?

Thanks a lot in advance :)
22 November 2015 @ 06:21 am
Hello everybody! I came to you with two requests!

1) Been looking allll over for this one fic, and it's driving me crazy that I can't find it. Merlin was forced to reveal his magic to save Arthur's life when they and Uther/the Knights were out... celebrating?? I don't remember, but I DO remember that Arthur was attacked by enemies lying in wait for them in the woods, shot with arrows. Merlin went for the attackers and also might have done magic on Arthur because Arthur was in danger of dying from the wounds. Uther was ready to have him arrested/executed on the spot, but Arthur told Merlin to run. Merlin came back tho, because Arthur's recovery was longish and he wanted to make sure he'd be ok/wouldn't leave his side. Merlin/Arthur pairing.

That's all I can remember clearly of that fic. Thanks in advance and my eternal gratitude is someone knows what story I'm talking about!

2) Second request is a lot more general. Any fics where Merlin is ready to rain hell down on someone who hurt Arthur, and all it takes is a word from Arthur for Merlin to calm right back down/let it (grudgingly) go? Or fic along those lines, ppl being scared/in awe of Merlin's powers (enemies of Camelot and Druids, for example), and wondering why the greatest warlock to ever live allows Arthur to act the way he does? Ugh i don't think I'm explaining it the right way :p, but any recs would be appreciated!
So I just read Miscommunication by LadyAuroraPendragon and i was wondering if there were any other fics where merlin tries to fess up to his magic but they think hes trying to tell them he's gay or something similar. just generally not getting the whole magic thing.

Alternaltively are there any fics where Merlin is trying to tell people he's gay but assume hes trying to tell them about his magic?
21 November 2015 @ 04:58 pm
Any crossover fics so far with Damien and Merlin?

Where Damien is Arthur?
20 November 2015 @ 11:29 pm
Hey guys, i was wondering if someone could help me find this fic.
Its only three chapters long and not complete.
Basically, Merlin has turned himself into a little kid and cant change himself back. Umbridge is in it. Arthur comes back and is really protective of Merlin, especially when he finds out what Umbridge does during her detentions. The knights were supposed to come into it later on. Im not sure if Kilghara ever turned up or not, but he was mention too.

Its definitly on Fanfiction.net, i just cant seem to find it. If its been taken down and someone knows or has a way to read it, i would really appreciate it if you could reply.
Thanks in advance :)
20 November 2015 @ 09:12 pm
Hi all.

Hoping anyone can help me find these lost fics.

Canon - uther knows about magic but allows Merlin to stay on Camelot and work as Arthur bodyguard.

Arthur and Merlin are married and have 3 kids but they no longer talk. When their sons die in battle, they come together in grief
Merlin is out on patrol with Arthur and the knights. He has to use his magic to stop bandits and everyone sees but aren't too angry.
Gwen and Arthur are together but before this, merthur happened but due to a time event, reverse or forward. They forgot they were together.
Merlin uses his magic to stop hundreds of flying arrows. Arthur sees but has a happy ending.
Merlin is exhausted. Finished jobs for Arthur and is asked by someone to serve night feast which causes Merlin to be ill.

Modern - secret relationship -Merlin upset as being hidden.

Merthur do therapy where they constantly argue but at the end, therapist suggests break up and they rip into him.
Merthur had a thing few years back and reunite when Merlin wins an art competition.
18 November 2015 @ 04:44 pm
Hello.. So, i read a Merthur fic just a little while back and well, the setting was of christmas and Gwen and all of Merlin's friend were worried that Arthur might not be good enough for him, so, enter Gwen with a bunch of complains and reasons why Arthur should not attend their annual christmas meal and Merlin has good explanations for each of them. Arthur has just moved in because of a big fight with Uther. And Gwen and Merlin are in the kitchen, and Arthur comes in unaware of Gwen, some PDA happens. And a memorable part of the fic is that it starts with the description of the attic-apartment Merlin lives in. And there is a list of reason why they love each other and its sappy.
Thats it.
18 November 2015 @ 02:19 am
Hi guys, I'm looking for stories where Merlin and Athur meet after being kidnapped together. I've read some amazing stories in other fandoms with this plot so fingers crossed it exists in Merlin land too! PS. Just read Keep Your Secrets by new_kate, wangler. REALLY hope there's more like this because that was amazing!
Hi. Can someone help me find the fic where Arthur and Merlin are just friends? They live together and Merlin is helping Arthur raise his children. They sleep in the same bed (just sleep). However, everybody else think they are a couple. Arthur goes on a date and everyone is outraged. I think even Uther tells Arthur to stop stringing "poor Merlin" along and make an honest man out of him. A/M are all "What the what?!"


FOUND: Practically Married by Epiphanyx7
15 November 2015 @ 06:16 pm
Guys, I'm bored and need reading material so what's your favourite canon fic? Merthur or otherwise.
15 November 2015 @ 03:45 pm
Any Merthur preferably fics around Merlin being in a coma or something similar? Not a Sleeping Beauty theme but like, Merlin gets hurt or sick and everyone is worried that he won't wake up?? Please only canon. I guess modern is OK but I really want some canon fics.
15 November 2015 @ 03:14 am
Hi guys, I know there's a lot of magic reveal stories but I'm looking for a few things specifically.

1. Post 5.13 AU or post magic reveal to Arthur, doesn't have to be linked to the series finale, just the bit where Arthur knows the truth about Merlin. I'm looking for stories that involve Merlin doing his general man servant duties like cleaning, cooking, etc and he's using his magic in front of Arthur. I loved how the show ended but I've always been a tad bitter about the fact that we never got to see Arthur's reaction on a day to day basis and sort of see him get used to the idea and evolve from -kind of weirded out and a little unsure- and grow into -you're still a dollophead but this is actually really cool-.

2. Merlin reveals his magic but then leaves soon after for whatever reason. Years later Merlin and Arthur reunite.

3. Post magic reveal with anything involving Merlin and Arthur fighting side by side against bandits, baddies, whoever, Arthur with his sword and Merlin with his magic. 
13 November 2015 @ 11:58 pm

Looking for fics where Merlin gets accused of socery...again, and the knight, guards, king and Arthur's reactions

12 November 2015 @ 10:30 pm
I'd love to see fics you guys've read which have Valiant as a character! Arthur/Merlin is my preferred pairing, but gen and Arthur/Percival or Arthur/Gwaine is fine too :) Thanks in advance!