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22 November 2008 @ 08:03 pm
Any questions, problems, doubts, please leave a comment here.

Have fun! :)

ETA: This (now sticky, yay progress!) post is for questions about how stuff works, e. g. how to tag your post, how to deal with formatting woes, if it's okay to promote your community, etc.

This here entry is NOT the place to look for stories/art/vids/podfic/whatever. I'm not active in this fandom beyond running merlin_finders and can't help you find stuff.

We have a lot of generous members who can, though. After you've joined the community, you can create a post of your own to ask people to find whatever you're looking for (as long as it's Merlin-related).

Please read our rules on posting and tagging before you create any entries of your own. You can find those on our profile page. :)

Return of ETA: I'm going to leave unanswered and delete every comment that's looking for stuff starting July 1st, 2014. This is getting ridiculous. READ THE POST BEFORE YOU COMMENT.
30 June 2016 @ 02:03 am
Hi! I'm looking three things, two specific fics search and other general fic rec search. All of them are Merthur fic searches.


1) Arthur is really vunerable to enchantments (according to the magical creatures, it doesn't take much for him to fall for their enchantment), and Merlin must go save him. A couple of times.  In this fic, Lancelot (or another knight) doesn't get seduced by the magical beings because he's too pure/steadfast that seducing him will give the magical creatures a headache.

2) I can't remember what the fic was about, only the ending scene. It's during a war, and Merlin sort of lets loose a huge amount of power, leveling forests, holding lightning in his hands, calling forth lava, etc, etc. Merlin doesn't remember what he did. The opposing general/king was very eagar to submit after that.

General fic search:

3) Any Merthur fic that involves Arthur falling in love/interested/wanting to meet with two different versions of Merlin. E.g. Arthur finds out about Emrys, but not who Emrys is, and goes around trying to find out who Emrys is, etc, OR E.g. Arthur likes Merlin, but gets interested/falls for a person, and it turns out that the person is Merlin.

I've read:
Who the hell is Emrys?!
That time of Truth
All is Semblative

Perferably Canon timeline and completed for both, thanks!
29 June 2016 @ 10:16 pm

Does anyone have a copy of School Days by JustCatchMe24?

Can`t seem to find this fic anywhere.
Its and Arthur/Merlin fic and I think it starts with Arthur searching for Morgana with the knights. Uther`s mind start degrading (alzheimer?) and Leon advices Arthur to take the throne while I think Merlin says he can wait (but not for long) and Arthur does take the throne when Uther thinks that a old friend has taken Morgana based upon a friendly polite letter from the old friend. Hope someone remembers it.
26 June 2016 @ 02:42 am
I'm trying to find this fic where Merlin finds a scroll while helping the librarian dude carry books or something in the market. He meets a teenager there, finds a scroll that could help him with something, and buys it but has to help the teen with something. he finds out its gambling, so he uses his magic to help. but the teen keeps coming to him after the first time (the teen is a mind-reader and seems to be blackmailing him). they get into trouble during one of the betting pools with this champion woman (who also does magic) and arthur comes in and saves him from almost being assaulted by a huge angry dude. he hands the dude a huge pouch of money and the guy immediately changes his demeanor and lets merlin go.

If anyone could help me find this fic it would be much appreciated!
26 June 2016 @ 10:49 am

I recently finished watching Damien and was wondering if there are any well-written crossover fics? The longer the fic, the better too.

Merlin/Arthur, Merlin/Damien would be the preferred matches.

Any help would be much appreciated.

25 June 2016 @ 11:59 pm

Hi i need help finding these two stories:

the first one i can't remember what it is called i just know it was on the Archive of our Own and was about Arthur going through the veil in Season 4 ep 2 instead of Lancelot and when he returns he's really possessive of Merlin.

the second is Colin/Bradley, it was called Deja Vu and basically Bradley is Arthur reincarnated and Colin is Merlin and immortal, Katie and Angel see them summon some lights in a fairy ring and hide in Bradley's closet.

thank you in advance.

22 June 2016 @ 12:16 am
Ok so I'm kinda desperate right now. I'm looking for a fic where (I think) Merlin is court sorcerer and he lives in a tower and he hasn't left for a couple days and his rooms are messy with papers everywhere. He possibly isnt eating? And Gwen or Gwaine is concerned about him and are like "hey you havent left these rooms..." and Arthur is like "Merlin better come to the council meeting"(That may be from another fic, I've read quite a few). But I just cant get this fic out of my head and I've been searching for forever but I cant find it... Thank you sooo much for any help, I really really appreciate it! (Also sorry for being vague and confusing)
20 June 2016 @ 07:32 pm

So all I pretty much remember is that merlin is court sorcerer and he receives a magical box from somewhere. He becomes obsessed with opening it. That's all I can really remember.

Does this happen to ring a bell?

20 June 2016 @ 11:53 pm
So, in the fic Merlin was kind of gender fluid? Dressed in a feminine way but used male pronouns, I think? Arthur originally thought Merlin actually was a girl and there was some later gender play... Super porny and on the KMM

A fic where Arthur's friends were making fun of him for being so smitten with Merlin, so Arthur starts making out that he doesn't actually like living with Merlin (eg hates sharing the bed etc) and Merlin hears?

hope someone can help!
19 June 2016 @ 06:33 pm

I believe this one's on LJ. It starts with Merlin and Arthur visiting a different kingdom. Merlin is treated great and is hit on by everyone including the king but especially the man servent. They find out he is a virgin and ask him to auction it off. Arthur says no and Merlin gets mad. Leon bids as well.

Sound familiar?
16 June 2016 @ 04:34 am
I remember that Merlin was something like an assassin tasked with killing Arthur, but he falls in love with him and keeps putting off killing him. Anyone recognize it?
12 June 2016 @ 10:23 pm
I still have many to find. If anyone can help me find them I will be grateful.


Merlin is one of many concubines, when Arthur become poor all leave except Merlin and Arthur realises how much Merlin means.

Arthur and Merlin are married and have 3 kids but they no longer talk. When their sons die in battle, they come together in grief.

Merlin is out on patrol with Arthur and the knights. He has to use his magic to stop bandits and everyone sees but aren't too angry.
Gwen and Arthur are together but before this, merthur happened but due to a time event, reverse or forward. They forgot they were together but time reverts and merthur are back together.

Merlin uses his magic to stop hundreds of flying arrows. Arthur sees but has a happy ending.

Merlin leaves after arwen marry, comes bk with Arthur.


Colin/Bradley - Colin feeling left out as Bradley becomes good friends with new guys who play knights

Merthur do therapy where they constantly argue but at the end, therapist suggests break up and they rip into him.

Merthur had a thing few years back and reunite when Merlin wins an art competition.

Will appreciate any help.
12 June 2016 @ 03:46 am
I've read so many fics since I finished watching the series that are primarily about Arthur basically being an all-around screw up until Merlin swoops in and shows him how wrong he is/saves the day. In response to that, I'd like to read some Merthur fics (the longer the better) where Arthur isn't painted as cold or rude-to-the-point-of-cruelity. Where Arthur is a good person in his own right and not just because he's taking Merlin's lead. I'd appreciate any recommendations, because I can't really seem to find any.
11 June 2016 @ 07:48 pm
I read 'Waiting for the world to fall' and 'Waiting for the world to mend', and I really enjoyed them. Do you know of any rape recovery fics like this? I am specifically looking for ones with Merlin instead, but if there are ones with Arthur that works too.

If there are any where Arthur and Merlin get together at the end that would be awesome also.

10 June 2016 @ 04:39 pm

I feel like I should be able to find this fic but I can't. Merlin is court sorcerer. He just come back from some retreat or something with the Druids. He is with a good looking guy and a women with a bird. Arthur is jealous and gets him a cat I think.

Does any of this ring a bell?

09 June 2016 @ 03:52 pm
Hello, I'm looking for a modern!fic where magic is still outlawed. Merlin is the mysterious, new kid at school and catches Arthur's attention. I think Morgana was his sister and teased Arthur over his obvious interest in Merlin. At one point Sophia tries drowning Arthur in a room, and Merlin secretly saves him. Later, Arthur follows Merlin home (an abandoned building?) and learns about his magic when Merlin summons a storm and threatens to electrocute him. Arthur calls his bluff, and they get together. I think Merlin was there as a ploy to get magic legalized, somehow. There was more, but unfortunately, I can't remember how it ends.
Any help finding this would be lovely. Thanks!
08 June 2016 @ 11:34 pm
Hello. Can anyone suggest some good Gen Merthur fanfics with the Knights and Arthur being all protective of their little Mage? 😊
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I'm looking for a fic where Merlin's magic is revealed, and Arthur ends up leaving Camelot for him (not the An Exile In Albion by astolat). Gaius, Gwen and Morgana are left behind with Uther, and Merlin and Arthur ends up in a camp of people someplace where it's snowy (my memory is fuzzy lol it's been a long time since I read it). They train and gather a sort of army, with Merlin checking up on the people back in Camelot and gradually sneaking them out of there. Ends with Arthur facing off Uther at a final battle, and Uther kinda realizing he's defeated. Sorry it's so vague, but I have a burning urge to re-read it, because it was such top quality!

"In Time of Trial" by Shine! Thank you darlulu!
I am looking for a story, where Merlin is not happy, and leaves Camelot, having Kilgharrah take him away. Kilgharrah takes him to where he has been living, and hunts for Merlin, I can't remember most of it, but near the end, Arthur, Gwen, and the knights have been searching for him, finding him by a hut. Merlin puts up a shield between himself and Arthur, who is banging on the sheild with the rest of his party, yelling, while Merlin is arguing with Kilgharrah as to why he should leave, Kilgharrah has  brought the shield down for Arthur to stop Merlin.