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22 November 2008 @ 08:03 pm
Any questions, problems, doubts, please leave a comment here.

Have fun! :)

ETA: This (now sticky, yay progress!) post is for questions about how stuff works, e. g. how to tag your post, how to deal with formatting woes, if it's okay to promote your community, etc.

This here entry is NOT the place to look for stories/art/vids/podfic/whatever. I'm not active in this fandom beyond running merlin_finders and can't help you find stuff.

We have a lot of generous members who can, though. After you've joined the community, you can create a post of your own to ask people to find whatever you're looking for (as long as it's Merlin-related).

Please read our rules on posting and tagging before you create any entries of your own. You can find those on our profile page. :)

Return of ETA: I'm going to leave unanswered and delete every comment that's looking for stuff starting July 1st, 2014. This is getting ridiculous. READ THE POST BEFORE YOU COMMENT.
28 September 2016 @ 10:49 pm
Hi! Can anyone recommend any CanonAU fics were Arthur courts Merlin instead of Gwen? Centered around season 4 would be great but any kind would work as well.

29 September 2016 @ 02:22 am
The first Merlin fanfic I ever read, and I can't find it again, and it's driving me mad.

It was on AO3 (I think).

Everyone's been reincarnated, but they don't remember it yet. Merlin's an artist, Gwen's his best friend, he meets Gwaine and starts dating him and then meets Gwaine's frient Arthur, who's a rich playboy, and they can't stay away from each other...

And then everyone starts to remember.

Any ideas?!
27 September 2016 @ 02:34 pm
Hi everyone!

I'm looking for recs for any fanfic about Morgana being queen. I don't care if they're redemption fics, dark fics or whatever. Any pairing is fine, as is gen fanfic. I would prefer if the fics were complete, but WIPs are fine too. I just need some awesome queen!Morgana sotries.

Thank you for your time!
26 September 2016 @ 03:24 pm
I have been unable to find a fic and would greatly appreciate if someone could find it

It started with Merlin taking over his freinds job for a night and being wait staff at a rich people party hosted by uther where he meets Arthur and Arthur's a rich no care in the world Bachelor and they fall in love

I whould be very great full of this was found thanks
Hi all, I'm looking for a specific Merlin/Arthur modern au fic in which the Arthurs of two different dimensions/timelines switch places. In timeline A, Merlin and Arthur are already together, whereas in timeline B, they have never met. When timeline B's Arthur is sent to timeline A, he ends up falling for Merlin and not wanting to go back to his own timeline. Timeline B Arthur is much nicer than Timeline A's Arthur was to Merlin at the start of their relationship - there was quite a bit of pushing away and denial from what I remember.

Of course, when timeline B Arthur is sent back to his own timeline, he ends up meeting this Merlin and recognizing the epic love story they are bound for, and insists that Merlin go on a date with him. I want to say that this meeting involved spilled coffee? And Merlin wearing glasses?

Any of this sound familiar? Thanks in advance!
18 September 2016 @ 04:11 pm
Hello again all!  I'm here searching for three fics, hopefully at least one of which someone recognises!

1. Merlin's magic is revealed and he runs away. Arthur is hunting him down, but at the same time Merlin is following him and keeping an eye on him. He sneaks into Arthur's tent at night while Arthur is supposed to be sleeping, but Arthur figures out that he's there and starts leaving out things for him, like a warm coat.  (Found!  http://darksagegrl0.livejournal.com/29546.html)

2. Another one where Merlin's magic is revealed and Arthur is hunting him, but in this one Morgana kidnaps Arthur in order to draw out Merlin. Arthur just laughs because he thinks Merlin hates him now and won't come. Morgana tortures him and when Merlin finally finds him he has to take him to his hiding spot to heal him before he can let him go. I specifically remember Arthur's injuries were to his leg and hand, because he was afraid he would lose his leg and not be able to sword fight again. (Found! http://archiveofourown.org/works/497423?view_full_work=true)

3. I remember much less about this one, but the one thing I remember for certain is Merlin has been banished from Camelot, but he was staying close by. Lancelot would meet him outside the city because he believed Merlin was innocent.

They were all canon era, and the first two were Merthur but I think the last was gen.  Virtual cookies to anyone who has more of a clue than I do!
18 September 2016 @ 07:27 pm
I read this fanfiction a few years ago, possible on LJ, possibly on fanfiction.net. It was an AU where Merlin had been kept for his entire life, up until he was a teenager I think, in the dark as a sacrifice for a ritual sacrifice in camelot. However, he gets rescued - I think by one of the Knights - and ends up living in the forest in a house with Morgana and Gwen, who are a couple in the story. They slowly teach him about life in the outside world. I think it was a Merlin x Lanceleot fic, but it could have been a Merlin x Arthur fic, it's been about four years since I've read it!

Long shot! But I'd really appreciate it if you folks could pick your brains - if you think it might be even a little like a fic you know, please link it, as I remember it being a fic I really loved.

Thanks all!
14 September 2016 @ 11:29 am
This was a specific fic I read I while ago and can't find anywhere..
I think it was a modern AU where Uther ruled over an oppressive no-magic society and sent Arthur to infiltrate an underground movement that Merlin is part of. But he ends up joining the movement and hooking up with Merlin.
There's a few more details I can remember; Morgana was supporting Uther but secretly helping Merlin, some magic users were being kept and tested on (maybe Gaius?), I think Merlin was using drugs maybe? Pretty sure the fic starts with an attempt at rescuing the captured people. I've looked all over and can't find this please help!! :)

Found! Fics (plural??) were:
ACAB by neuroticnick
World Comes Tumbling by lady_ragnell
12 September 2016 @ 12:17 am
So I found myself reading some HP/Merlin crossover and I fell in love with both pairings and would love to read some more. I would prefer for it to be completed but wouldn't mind reading an in progress story as long as its being updated frequently (even if it's not let me know). Not Harry centric if it has Harry. If its long i will love you forever.Thank you very much.
11 September 2016 @ 01:43 am
Ive been trying to find a fic for a few days now, but its proving difficult since i dont remember that much about it. heres what i can recall:
-its Merlin/Arthur
-its canon era
-i think a few or a lot of people in camelot have magic
one of the older knights, i think his name starts with a B, moves to Ealdor and uses his new found magic to build a bunch of amazing buildings for something like that.

Thats really all i can remember, hence me not being able to find it.. Any ideas?? THX!
10 September 2016 @ 08:06 pm
Hi!! I was wondering if anyone has a backup of this video that was blocked


Is one of my favorites so it could be so great if anyone has it... or if anyone has a way to watch it! Thank you so much!!
10 September 2016 @ 01:32 am
I think it's set during "the Tears of Uther Pendragon". A search brought me to chapter 5 of this fic, I meant to find chapter 1 and read it later but closed the tab like a dummy and promptly forgot the title. The little bit I skimmed had Merlin unconscious among the other wounded with Gwen looking after him. Gains is somewhere else for reasons I didn't catch. Merlin has a head injury, possibly burns? He has a seizure (I think) and Uther surprises Gwen by helping her restrain him. Anybody happen to know where to find this? Thank you!

Thank you!
10 September 2016 @ 12:28 am
I am looking for a fic a read a while back and don't really remember most of it. I believe Merlin might have gotten kidnapped or something but Arthur got him back. They thought he was fine until Morgana shows up and she can control Merlin somehow. I think Arthur and Merlin then try to figure out how to free Merlin the the spell.

Thank you!
08 September 2016 @ 11:54 pm
Hi I'm looking for some fanfics that i've read a while ago, i hope someone can help me find them.

1) the first two stories are similar, set in the season two episode where Morgause opens the veil and Ygraine appears, in the stories, Merlin is Arthur's twin brother, this revelation leads Merlin into taking Morgana's role in the series, meaning he is the one to go to Morgause, the story goes into the whole poisoning incident and season 3 but that's all i remember

2) A gen fic set after Lancelot dies to close the veil, Merlin realises that he did not escape the dorocha touch without consequences, i think it was something to do with him being cold and he realises he might be immortal?

3) I can only vaguely remember the first chapter of this, it was on fanfiction.net and Annis discovers that Merlin is her grandson, I remember her realising she had almost killed him and being upset so goes to Camelot to meet him

4) a sort of pwp where Merlin turns himself into a girl to have sex with Arthur, i remember Arthur had been in his bath and asked where 'Merlin' was and merlin saying 'he' was sick or something along those lines.

and lastly

5) I think this one was a big bang or just a really long story, all i remember really was that Arthur and Merlin kept getting reincarnated and Camelot is not their first life, i remember a scene where Arthur is born and the purge began, Merlin although he is not called that at the time is an old man and places a protection spell on Arthur to protect him from magical attacks which breaks when his younger self - Merlin, comes to Camelot.

Thanks in advance xx
06 September 2016 @ 11:09 pm
I have been looking and looking for this fic but can`t find it so I hope someone here can. It is Arthur/Merlin set in canon era with piningarthur and obliviousmerlin. Someone leaves Merlin jewelery. I think it was beneath his pillow. Merlin gives one to Morgana and when Arthur sees it he has a fit. Merlin also recieves clothes or one piece of clothing. Arthur is acting weird babbles about noblewomen, affection and so on which leads Merlin to suspect Morgana and this terrifies him a bit. Oh and Merlin keeps only one necklace because he thinks it makes him look regal. This came out a little scrambled but hopefully enough for someone to recognize it. I hope...
04 September 2016 @ 11:11 pm
Hello all,

I'm trying to find an Arthur/Merlin fic where Morgana tricks them to going to fight a creature in a cave that reads your mind and reveals all your truths. Merlin gives himself in Arthur's place and all his magic and love for Arthur is revealed and they have to deal with the after math.
Any help much appreciated.
thank you
04 September 2016 @ 03:23 pm

I lost this bookmark and can't seem to find the story at all :(

Uh it was on AO3 and the story was about a fat Merlin who goes to the gym and Arthur was his personal trainer. At one point they kind of fall in love and end up together. I'm almost sure there was Gwaine involved somewhere in the story but not certain. Merlin was pretty ashamed of himself and there was mentions of bullying when he was younger.

Things are a bit hazy so if anything doesn't match up it's probably my fault hehe

Thanks for anyone who might know what this is :)
01 September 2016 @ 12:34 am
I am looking for a copy of the deleted the revision and rewrite of 2010-2011 Kink Meme fill “Surrender to the Storm” post on AO3.

"Merlin is the last surviving member of the royal family of his conquered kingdom. Arthur is the one leading the siege, who decides it is his due to take what he has conquered. Eventually, despite a rough start(and lots of angst? because Arthur did kill his family after all), they learn to come to love each other, possibly even leading to marriage?"