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22 November 2008 @ 08:03 pm
Any questions, problems, doubts, please leave a comment here.

Have fun! :)

ETA: This (now sticky, yay progress!) post is for questions about how stuff works, e. g. how to tag your post, how to deal with formatting woes, if it's okay to promote your community, etc.

This here entry is NOT the place to look for stories/art/vids/podfic/whatever. I'm not active in this fandom beyond running merlin_finders and can't help you find stuff.

We have a lot of generous members who can, though. After you've joined the community, you can create a post of your own to ask people to find whatever you're looking for (as long as it's Merlin-related).

Please read our rules on posting and tagging before you create any entries of your own. You can find those on our profile page. :)

Return of ETA: I'm going to leave unanswered and delete every comment that's looking for stuff starting July 1st, 2014. This is getting ridiculous. READ THE POST BEFORE YOU COMMENT.
25 August 2016 @ 01:03 am
A while back, I read a fic that had a severely dyslexic Arthur. He and Merlin lived together, but Arthur couldn't read the notes that Merlin left for him. His inability to read was secret, and caused tension between the boys.

Anyone remember the title, or where to find it?
23 August 2016 @ 11:48 pm
Yeah, just what the title says, preferably canon era but anything’s fine, not about sex necessarily, I don’t even care if it’s slash or gen, actually what I’m really looking for is just a distinctly confident/authoritative/predator arthur, who knows how to assert his position, and...well, just that, plus I’m really in the mood for some manhandling of a certain manservant, and proper observance of court etiquette, a bit of respectful "my lording"...ahem.

Right, oh, and would it be too much to ask if the master/servant dynamic is incorporated into a longer fic? It doesn’t have to be too much prounounced, and I won’t turn down one shots, but simply put I’m craving both bamf!arthur and plotty fics right now so if you got suggestions throw them in ;)
Hey everybody.
This is a two part request, for a specific fix and for some recs.

The specific fic was a one shot I think, Merlin's friends think Arthur isn't good enough because he's not very affectionate to Merlin in public, it's actually because when ever Merlin touches him he trembles or something like that.

The recs, any fics where one of their friends doesn't think the other is good enough. Can I specify, they are good enough their friends just don't see it.

Thanks in advance.
23 August 2016 @ 03:16 am
I cant remember the name or the author. Well truthfully I can't remember much about it at all.

I only remember that Merlin was trapped in a cave or dungeon, don't know which one. He was there for a long time and had a sword run through him. I remember that because it was the only thing keeping him there. He was almost dead and couldn't revive himself because the sword was keeping him from doing it. I want to say it was Excalibur, but I'm not really sure. I think Arthur and his knights found him and tried to save him so they can save Camelot.

That's about all I can remember. Its been irritating me for days now. Please someone take pity on me and help. Thanks!
22 August 2016 @ 12:13 am
I'm looking for a fic that I believe I read on fanfiction.net a while ago. It may have been part of a one shot series.

Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic by seeing/overhearing Merlin talk about it. Instead of confronting him, Arthur decides to keep quiet about it and keep an eye on Merlin. He asks Sir Leon to follow Merlin around for a while, discreetly, and even gives him a royal pass of some sort so he can go anywhere without question. When Sir Leon is done observing Merlin he reports that, of course Merlin is no threat. In fact he stopped an assassination attempt on Arthur.

The main problem is I don't remember the title or any of the key words I might have used in the search that found it in the first place.
20 August 2016 @ 09:47 pm
Hey guys, I can't seem to find this fanfic
Basically Merlin and Arthur have a son who dies at a young age and at the start of the fanfiction they are looking for a coffin for him ect and they have to deal with this deal.

If anyone knows where this fanfic is, please let me know

Thank you 😊
I'm looking for a completed fic I read (I'm pretty sure it was Merthur or at least hinted/pre-slash) where towards the end Merlin indirectly reveals his magic to arthur by revealing his magic to morgana, who I think was attacking camelot at the time. There was a big emotional showdown between morgana, arthur, and merlin where morgana accuses merlin of poisoning her, and merlin reveals his magic to her, admitting he was scared and wrong (i think the latter part at least), and that he's sorry. He's scared and even admits it to her, b/c they both know of arthur's bias against magic, and merlin was just so brave revealing it to her in front of him. Him and arthur are trying to get morgana to get back on their side, and morgana is surprised that merlin would reveal his magic in front of arthur for her (i think she was also angry that he hid it from her obviously) and arthur tries to convince morgana that he does love her. (he's not his father)

Morgana soon caves and joins them.

I think this story setting took place in season 3, (but i may have been season 4, though I'm pretty sure it was set during season 3). I hope all you lovely people can help me out as this is driving me nuts!
Hi, all.

I have been looking for a merthur fic for weeks, and, just can not find it.

It is sort of has themes from exile from albion by astolat, and, stars above, stars below, by destina, as it has a person from another kingdom asking Merlin to do magic, like in the fic by destina, but he actually goes through with it, and quite impressively so, like in astolat's fic.

That is pretty much it, another kingdom comes, they ask Merlin to see some magic, (He might have been the actual court sorcerer, or just everyone knew he did magic for his kingdom without an official title yet, but, everyone from everywhere definitely knew he was magic, especially his kingdom, and especially Arthur.) and he does some really impressive stuff, too impressive, (Do not remember exactly what he did, keep thinking of blue dragons, but, could just be thinking of the first fic I listed up there.) I think I might recall either Gaius or Arthur saying he should not have shown off, shown what he could truly do, as the other court is already salivatiing over him, and the other court either actively tries to steal him from Arthur, or just creepily pressures him, but, do they ever want him, which Arthur does not like, obviously.

I am really hoping one of you lovely people can help Me, as this is driving Me nuts.

09 August 2016 @ 09:02 pm
I was looking for fanfiction and a friend say" Try it here!"
So i found my way to this community. I hope i do it right, because i´m a german-girl and don´t have much Experience.

i looking for a FF , in their Merlin is a girl (always - but i dont knew if Arthur konw that) and having Arthurs baby.

Merlin and Arthur are captured bandits and Arthur is forced to sleep with Merlin. Later it turns out that Merlin had magic and is with child.

Merlin live with Arthur but Arthur had a difficult time to deal with the hole situation.

Later he falls in love with Merlin, but since her previously was common to Merlin, the situation is worsened. Also, Uther will never a marriage between the two agree - at least until then where I've read.

I can remember clearly two sets.

1 Uhter and Arthur talk about children and Uther says:

"can least your child father say to you!"

2 phoenix eye: Gwaine says to Arthur: "She's your wife!"

I am also sure that there's a scene where Merlin is touched inappropriately by another. But Arthur can prevent worse in the last minute. Merlin says: Think not that everyone! I'm your little whore. "And Arthur denies and says that all know that Arthur was fource and the hole thing

Does anyone know the FF? I hope sombody can help me. I looking for it for a long time by now.
Havea nice evening
09 August 2016 @ 01:55 pm
I have been looking for this fic for a very long time and I still haven't found it. From what I remember it was a modern au. Arthur, Morgana, their oc young sister, Ygraine and Uther make up the royal family. Morgana and Arthur just came back from college or university and they had a parade thrown in their honor.

I think Morgana told Uther and Ygraine about Arthur's boyfriend from college, Merlin, who he had to leave behind. During the parade, I think Morgana sees Merlin in the crowd and tells Arthur. Everybody else in the family tells Arthur to go and get Merlin and bring him to them. I'm pretty sure Arthur jumps off the float, runs towards Merlin they hug and it's super fluffy. Arthur takes merlin back to the float and introduces him to the family.

Other details I remember:
- The oc sister ate a lollipop at some point.
- Uther is nice
- Ygraine is alive.
- It might have been part of a series.

Someone, please help, I been looking for this for over a year!
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08 August 2016 @ 10:02 pm
Hi, I'm new to the community so I hope I'm doing this right.

I been in the fandom for a few years and really enjoy reading Outsider POV. I would like to have so good recs. It could be a stranger coming to Camelot and viewing Camelot as a whole. It could be a Outsider looking into Arthur and Merlin's relationship. Some of the knights or other citizen's pov of developments in relationships and of Camelot would be nice as well. I would especially love to read one where the story is from visiting royalty or noble's pov. So any good Outsider POV recs please.

I prefer slash but I don't mind mind any other pairing or gen.

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06 August 2016 @ 10:21 pm
Hi! Does anyone have a copy of Mental Note by social_retard86? Preferably in .pdf or .epub but honestly any format is fine. If he/she doesn't want their fics distributed, please let me know as well!

Thank you so much :)
Hi! I'm looking for a specific hurt Merlin fic where a stable boy (or maybe it was a pig boy?) is minding his own business when an evil knight rides in with an injured Merlin. The stable/ pig boy ends up lying and saying Merlin's dead, and then the knight leaves. Then the stable/ pig boy flags down Arthur when he's passing by and Arthur comes in and takes Merlin back to Camelot.

It was a pretty short fic, I remember the stable/ pig boy had magic and healed Merlin, and I think the summary was kind of a parody of the, "In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of the kingdom rests upon *insert boy's name*". I think.

Thank you so much! I really liked this fic, and I've been looking for it for a while.

EDIT: Found! It's Ulfyn's Gift
03 August 2016 @ 11:19 pm
Was wondering if anybody had a copy of Destiny by lisson17 or know where I can read it since her journals been purged. This used to be one of my favs back in the day and I would just love to reread it.
02 August 2016 @ 07:08 am
Is this how i do this? If im doing this wrong, tell me and i'll fix it, ok?
Anyways if i am doing this correctly, i am searching for a fic about Merlin and Arthur suddenly being able to telepathically speak to each other. I read it awhile ago(like years ago) but i can't find it again can someone help me?
31 July 2016 @ 07:37 pm
I'm looking or fics where Arthur/Merlin has to live with Merlin/Arthur.

It can be in the familly house or in their personnal one.

Modern!Au preferably but Arthur in Ealdor is okay for canon.

It's even better if they don't like each other that much or if they have problems with the parents and/or friends.


EDIT : no roommate fic! I'm looking for forced cohabitation in others circumstances!
Also, I remember a fic where Merlin has to live with Arthur because his flat is flooded or something along those lines but I can't seem to find it... Can someone help me?
30 July 2016 @ 06:49 pm
Hello, all. I'm searching for two specific Merthur fics. The details probably aren't all correct, but I hope someone recognizes them.

1. Merlin is a prominent magic activist. One day there's a protest that goes wrong and he needs to go into hiding. Someone (Morgana?) has the bright idea to stash him at Arthur's house, even though Arthur isn't exactly the movement's (or Merlin's) biggest fan.

2. Merlin saves Arthur's life using magic. Uther sees, but only noticed the life-saving bit, not the magic. He offers Merlin a job working for Arthur. Later they find out about the magic and decide that the saving Arthur's life thing was all staged to get Merlin close to Arthur (even though it wasn't).

Both were Merthur and modern. Anyone know them?