unexpectedsa (unexpectedsa) wrote in merlin_finders,

Merlin arthur specific, merlin and his magic won't let arthur be whipped/flogged

Hi :)

i was looking for a specific fic. i dont remember much at all except for one scene.

uther orders arthur punished for against his orders or sth. merlin won't let him and tries to use his magic to protect arthur. but arthur won't let him because only one person can be king at a time and if he doesnt show uther his obedience/loyalty it will get worse. and then arthur goes to the dungeons and one of the knights or someone else nice steps into to adminster the whipping/flogging. except merlin and his magic cant allow that to happen and steps in and whips arthur himself except his magic turns into a bit of pain but more pleasure and then have wild hot sexy times there.

does any1 know which fic im talking about? thank u :)

Tags: *found, category: fanfic (specific), pairing: merlin/arthur
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