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Hello ! i loveeeee this comm!!

1. okay, i have a request. can u'all recommend me any merlin/arthur that has jealous! arthur. i don't care if it a established or get together (^_^)
    any era would do.. canon is much better :D

2. any wedding merlin/arthur. i mean their wedding :D i don't care if it one-shot or multichapter.. as long as they're getting married. 
     any era would do.. canon is much better 

3. i've read a fic that had arthur fussing bcoz merlin had a fever.. sooo can u'all recommend me more fic about merlin having fever
    or temporary illness and arthur is worry and fuss over merlin, take care of merlin and all . >_<
    any era would do ..

thank you so much! *hope i tags it right*

Tags: category: fanfic (recs), pairing: merlin/arthur, theme: established relationship, theme: first time, theme: illness/injury, theme: jealousy, theme: possessive/protective, theme: romance
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