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Bullied Merlin, tattood/bad-boy Arthur, 4.01 tag

Hi guys, I got an amazing amount of help a few days ago with my req's so I'm hoping you guys can help a girl out once again :)

1. I've been re-reading the J2 Smoke and Lightning 'verse and I now I crave a Modern Merthur sort of version. Something where Arthur is this tattoo-ed, motorcycling bad-boy who seems kind of scary on the surface but actually he's got an enormous heart and he and Merlin fall in love? Or something along the lines where Arthur seems like an intimidating jerk but once he drops his bravado he's lovely.

2. Something set in modern times where Merlin is being bullied and Arthur steps in to help him out.

3. I was re-watching 4x01 last night and it still irks me when Merlin faints in the dining hall, Arthur rolls his eyes instead of rushing to see what's wrong with his friend as Lancelot did. I get the writers wanted to solidify how much of a good friend Lancelot was to Merlin before he died, so I understand why he rushed to Merlin's aid before anyone else, but Arthur, why the eye roll? Was that really necessary? Couldn't the director have told Bradley to look a little concerned? And why the next day Arthur never asked Merlin if he was better. There has got to be some sort of episode tag/missing scene written for that because I need it, its irritated me for two and half years! Tell me I'm not alone.
Tags: category: fanfic (recs), character: arthur, character: merlin, pairing: merlin/arthur, theme: abuse, theme: au (canon), theme: au (modern day), theme: episode tags & fix-its, theme: hurt/comfort
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