chimera3838 (chimera3838) wrote in merlin_finders,

Cross Bones kidnapping fic

Hi all,

I am looking for a fic where Uther has Arthur and Valiant kidnap Merlin as blackmail to try and keep Hunith, a lawyer, from prosecuting Uther. They keep Merlin in a room in a remote cabin and while Arthur is nice enough to Merlin, Valiant is threatening and psychotic. I think Arthur ends up killing or maybe just hurting Valiant to keep him from assaulting Merlin at some point and I think Merlin and Arthur kiss. I am pretty sure the fic is called "Cross Bones" and it might be a wip.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: *found, category: fanfic (specific), pairing: merlin/arthur, theme: kidnapped/captured
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