tyvi09 (tyvi09) wrote in merlin_finders,

Looking for half-Succubus!Merlin seres

Recently I came across a FANTASTIC series in which Merlin was the son of the Queen of Succubi, serving the the Kingdom of Mercia. In the first part, Arthur was a sex-slave given to Merlin by his king. I remember bits and pieces, like Ygraine being alive and Morgana marrying King Bayard.
Aaargh, it was so well done! I can't believe it hasn't gotten wider recognition/fame! Help me find it!

P.S. If the author is reading this, PLEASE post your amazing fic to AO3!
Tags: *found, category: fanfic (specific), pairing: merlin/arthur, theme: angst, theme: au (canon), theme: epic/long, theme: hurt/comfort, theme: porn, theme: possessive/protective, theme: romance, theme: slave!fic
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