Animeg (animegchan) wrote in merlin_finders,

2 fics - pneumonia and dragons

Hi there. I am trying to find 2 fics I read a long time ago.

1. In the first I think Arthur and Merlin were travelling somewhere with a group. Merlin falls in some water or something and gets sick. I think he catches pneumonia and it is getting worse. I remember him riding in the cart and Arthur worrying. Also Arthur was reading about the new religion and talking about praying to the new god.
* FOUND - Light of Arthur

2. In the second one, I believe everyone had a dragon that you were bonded to so you could feel what your dragon felt. I think everyone lived in caves. Sorry if this is vague. At one point Arthur and merlin's dragons are attracted to each other and sexytimes ensue.

Both should be Merlin x Arthur pairing.

Let me know if these ring any bells. Thanks very much.
Tags: *found, category: fanfic (specific), pairing: merlin/arthur, theme: hurt/comfort
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