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Oblivious!Merlin and Pining!Arthur

Hello, it's me again!

I'm looking for fics that feature an oblivious Merlin to Arthur's obvious pining.  Like Arthur's blatantly trying to woo him, practically hiring a skywriter to say "I HEART MERLIN", but Merlin just sees Arthur being a prat or thinks somethings wrong with him or he's just hung up on Gwen.  Of course he figures it out in the end.  It can either be the main point of the plot, like in: Arthur Pendragon Presents: How (Not) to Tell a Boy You LIke Him or not, like in We Are All Diamonds when we have one of my favourite scenes ever where Arthur's like, "by the way, we've been dating for a few months now, in case you didn't notice" (which Merlin hadn't).

As usual, any length is fine (though the longer the better, since I go through fics like Hogwarts goes through DADD professors), and either canon or modern.
Tags: category: fanfic (recs), character: arthur, character: merlin, genre: slash, pairing: merlin/arthur, theme: pining/ust, theme: romance
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