Kitty (kitty_fic) wrote in merlin_finders,

Gen!fic? Merlin/Arthur friendship

Can you please recc me some Merlin/Arthur friendship/gen fic?

(I love slash! I read a lot of Merthur! Usually the more sex the better, but I'll be in a position where it will be awkward to read anything smutty next week.) And I've not really read any of the fics with them as just friends, so this is the perfect opportunity!

I'm looking for some things to read that are lower-rated, but I still want it to focus on Merlin and Arthur's friendship and no other ships please. (No Arwen please.) The LONGER the better!

I don't know? Are there any classic long fics out there that focus on their friendship only?
Tags: category: fanfic (recs), character: arthur, character: merlin, genre: gen, theme: friendship
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