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Angst/drama over status difference. Also Arthur's words coming back to haunt him

Hi all! Two requests.

1. I'm looking for fics that explores the status difference between Merlin and Arthur. Canon, modern--anything is great as long as Arthur has the higher status. Can be about money, power, etc. I'm namely looking for fics where Arthur is made to finally understand or see their status difference and what it means. Examples:

Merlin getting upset over Arthur not letting him join the round table or Merlin upset because Arthur's given all their friends titles with status, but not Merlin.

Arthur seeing Merlin's poverty through new eyes, with Merlin not having proper clothes or Arthur realizing he goes hungry or did as a child.

Someone abusing their power over Merlin and Merlin having to explain to Arthur that not everyone has the freedom to tell someone of higher class to stop.

Merlin's status as a servant meaning Uther punishes him for telling on a noble. Or Uther punishing Merlin instead of Arthur because he sees him as less than human.

Merlin yelling at Arthur that he is not property or a pet, but a human being.

Them being away from Camelot and Merlin getting treated poorly (shabby quarters, inedible food, ordered around) because he's a servant.

Hopefully that gives some ideas!

2. I'm looking for fics where Arthur says something insensitive to Merlin, or orders him to do something unsafe for entertainment, then Merlin gets hurt and Arthur regrets it. For instance, at the beginning of 5x3, Merlin's sneezing and saying he's coming down with a cold. Arthur says, "I hope it's a bad one." I'd love a fic where it ended up being a really bad one. Anything along that line, where Arthur learns from being so careless with Merlin.

Thank you so, so much. Please warn for anything that might be warn-worthy, but overall I'm pretty open. I'm very excited to do some reading!!
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