IdleWorshipping (shadow_fox_94) wrote in merlin_finders,

role reversal

So I just read vengeance built me hastily by thoracopagus and was wondering if there are any similar fics- with Merlin being the prince or being in a position of power and Arthur being the servant/bodyguard (though I loved him originally being an assassin in vengeance). Basically any canon era role reversals. Gen or slash doesn't matter. I'm currently reading the Master and Series, but you can never have too much of a good thing, and fanfics are definitely a good thing.
Also any fics where Merlin is a member of a different court, like Cenred's, Annis' or the druids'. I've already read The Sidhe Prince and Alliance (which I highly recommend).
edited: now includes links
Tags: category: fanfic (recs), character: arthur, character: merlin, theme: au (other), theme: role reversal
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