FreeSpirit (buffyangellvr23) wrote in merlin_finders,

Looking for Arthur hurt/comfort

I've found a lot of great HurtMerlin fic here, but what good HurtArthur fics are out there? I've read what exists of "Journey Through a Broken Soul" and the one with Arthur getting sick...whichever ones were linked on here. I've also read the several part "Rapture" and whatever the companion pair is, the one both from Arthur and Merlin's POV. Essentially, I've looked through here for stuff and read what I wanted, so anything that's not recced already.

It doesn't have to be Merlin comforting though...Uther or Gwen is okay too. Gen preferred, but I can handle slash too, I'll just work around the slashy bits.

BTW, anyone know of any good UTHER h/c? Either Arthur or Ygraine comforting him? Or Uther comforting Ygraine?
Tags: category: fanfic (recs), character: arthur, character: gwen, character: other (female), character: uther, genre: gen, theme: hurt/comfort
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