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A comm for finding fanworks in the 'Merlin' fandom.
Looking for a story you can't find or don't remember the title of? Or a music video? Or a picture?

Here's the place to ask. Any medium, any pairing, any genre, as long as it's related to any incarnation of Merlin and/or the Arthurian legend. Searching for genres and recs rather than specific fanworks is perfectly fine as well.

However, we do have a few rules:

If in doubt, ask: You can contact the mods at any time at this post with any and all question you may have. You can also check the admin posts for updates on all things rules, tagging and moderating related.

No flaming or bashing: This includes any kind of derogative comments about other users or communities, flame wars, bashing or provocation. These will not be tolerated within the community, and will be handled at the mods' discretion. Looking for character bashing stories is okay. Character bashing within your search is not.

Answered and unanswered requests: If your requested fanwork has been found, adding a link to your post is appreciated, but not a must. If the fanwork you're looking for hasn't been found, please wait at least two weeks before asking about it again.

Searching for fanworks deleted or removed from the web: This community respects the authors' right to decide what happens with their own work. Here is a list of authors who don't want their work to be shared. Please don't ask for their works here.

Tagging: Please tag your posts, as described in this post. Check the How to Tag Guidelines. Please keep in mind only mods can delete added tags or make up new ones.

Things that should be under an lj-cut or flagged: If what you are looking for contains triggery descriptions (i.e. non-con, abuse, etc.), please put them behind a cut. Same goes for large graphics to spare those with slow internet connections. Also, if you're looking for porn or gore, please flag your post as containing adult content. You can do that by changing the Adult content box from default to explicit on the entry/edit post page.

Stay on topic: Things that are on topic: Any search for any fanwork relating to the Merlin fandom or Arthurian legend. Things that are not on topic: challenge or community announcements, other appearances of the actors, private venting, anything not relating to the Merlin fandom or Arthurian legend.

Also, please don't mess with the default layout (e.g. don't change the font into bold, pink, 24pt Monotype Corsiva).

If you break these rules, it's likely your post will be taken down. If you need clarification, have a question or want to affiliate, you can contact us here. If you prefer to PM a mod instead, please make sure your privacy settings are such that they can answer you.

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